DePere’s Home for Performances – The Green Room

Temporarily closed AGAIN
due to governmental capacity orders. 
Planned reopening November 6th. 

Hello again everyone, it’s Chad from The Green Room. We’re temporarily closing again due to governmental capacity orders. This limits our theater to approximately 13 guests at one time, which doesn’t make financial sense.  Our planned re-opening is on Friday, November 6th and we hope you’ll join us once again when we re-open. 

In the meantime, please support local small businesses that are open. They need it.  We need it.  DePere needs it. 

We miss you.  We want you to come back healthy and ready to laugh.
At some point we’ll get past all this.  We are #AlwaysLaughing & #DePereStrong. 

Check out our video with our COVID specific information.