24-Hour Theatre Collective returns January 29th & 30th!


Imagine starting with some randomly assigned titles (that’s it) and winding up with a series of short plays being performed in front of an audience 24 hours later.  That, in a nutshell, is the 24-Hour Theatre Collective.

The Green Room Lounge in downtown De Pere, WI is hosting this event on Friday and Saturday, January 29th & 30th.  This unique theatre experience brings together writers, directors, actors and audiences to share in the creative process.

Multiple plays will be written, rehearsed and performed for an audience – all within 24 hours.

We are reaching out to area theatre groups, as well as individuals with an interest in participating – hence the term “Collective.”  The plan is to have all interested creative folks (writers, directors & actors) meet at the Green Room Lounge (353 Main Ave) at 11:30pm on Friday night (the 29th). (more…)

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Comedy Roast of Santa – Dec. 17th @ 8pm

santaroastIn the spirit of the old school Dean Martin and Friar’s Club roasts, several of the Laugh Box & ComedyCity personalities will be doing their best to skewer / honor the one and only Santa Claus. You never know who’s gonna show up for sure.

8pm Thursday, December 17th
Just $5

Scheduled to appear on the dais are:

  • Tucker Diedrich (MC)

  • Krains Butter (Santa)

  • John Egan

  • Erin Joelle

  • Matt Kluge

  • Greg Willett

  • Steve Hartman


Please Note: Content may have strong language and mature themes, so keep the kids at home.
Unless you’re one of THOSE parents, then by all means bring the whole family.

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Piano Lounge Karaoke – First Thursday of Every Month

ratpackSo you fancy yourself something of a singer… in the shower at least. You hit some of the local karaoke nights, but you’re looking for something a little different.  Maybe you have a whole group of folks that want to sing to the same song.  Maybe you just like to sit back and watch as everyone else sings their little hearts out.

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Piano Lounge Karaoke Sing-a-Long at the Green Room Lounge is the unique musical event for all those scenarios (and more). It’s a FREE event, and the full bar is open as well. The festivities start at 8pm on the first Thursday of each month.


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Gift Cards are Here!

GreenRoomWe now have fancy dancy Green Room Lounge gift cards available for purchase in any denomination. The really excellent part is you can use them for ANYTHING that you would normally use a credit card or cash for at the Green Room Lounge! That means admission to any of our shows and events, as well as tasty beverages from the bar.

The cards are available at the Lounge during regularly scheduled events, so they are available at Laugh Box stand-up, as well as at ComedyCity shows on Friday and Saturday (the bar is usually open at least a half hour before showtime).

Buy them for everyone you know! They’re made of genuine plastic, and boy are they shiny!

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Kid Snippets: “Josh Groban Pizza”

From time to time we come across things that we find funny… probably funnier than we should.  This is one of those times.  There’s a whole pile of these for you to watch, though this is one of the funniest.  Oh, and it’s not our fault if you end up wasting an entire afternoon watching these.

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Chili Pepper Symphony

From time to time you come across things that you find funny… probably funnier than you should.  This is one of those times.  Just keep in mind, they CHOSE to do this to themselves on PURPOSE.  Enjoy the Danish National Chamber Orchestra playing a classic classical piece, and stopping to pop a habanero pepper in the middle.


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The Coolest Trick You’ll See Today

Want to see a cool trick?   How about something real cool that you’d never expect to see as a trick?  Check out this video of a warehouse worker taking a coin and dropping it into a bottle as efficiently as if he was using his hands.

YouTube is a great showcase for strange and unique talents.  Take this video as your motivation to find that talent and share it with the world.  Maybe you can stack cups like a beast.  Maybe you are good at playing a keyboard with your feet.  What is stopping you from showing the world?   Go for it.

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