ComedyCity to feature “Family” & “Grown-Up” shows

Based on audience input, ComedyCity has decided to distinguish the early 7:30pm show from the 9:30pm late show. This change takes effect with shows starting January 6 & 7, 2017.

The early show will henceforth be known as the Family Show, and feature the same family-friendly all-ages content ComedyCity has been known for over the last 30 years. Ticket price for the 7:30pm Family show is $10 for everyone.

The late show shall be called the Grown-Up Show, and the content may venture into more mature topics and themes. Ticket price for the 9:30pm Grown-up show is $12 per person.

All ages are still welcome at both shows, but if your kids or grandparents have questions following the Grown-up Show, you’re on your own.