Cardboard Theatre Staged Reading: Crime!

September 24, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
The Green Room
365 Main Ave
Hey! Wanna see how the theatrical sausage gets made? (If that’s a gross metaphor, you’re welcome to come up with something else, pal.)

Come see the first cold reading of Cardboard Theatre’s upcoming new production; Crime!

This reading will be Tuesday, September 24th at 7PM at The Green Room.
The play opens November 15th, but for the low low cost of free you can hear the script as it currently exists. It’s quite possible that the show it ends up being will be quite different. Such is the nature of original scripted material.

Crime! is a Staged Film Noir Montage Pastiche. Not sure what that means? You should totally swing by for the reading. Meet the cast. Meet the writers. Meet the director. Give your input. Who knows? We might actually listen to your input, chum.

The show is rated PG, but if you’re super sensitive there may be some themes that might be troubling to your tender little heart, but you’ll probably be fine, kid.

Prizes and other opportunities to help support Cardboard Theatre will be happening too. You should stop by. There might be cake. There almost never is, but you never know, this time might be the time.

See you here.

– Cardboard Theatre