ComedyCity Cares Charity Event April 6-9

ComedyCity Cares Hearts 2Our annual charity event has a new name and a new cause. The event is now called ComedyCity Cares (more on that later) and we are raising money for the family of one of our own ComedyCity performers, Matt Worzala.

The event is coming up on Wednesday April 6th to Saturday April 9th, and will have music, stand-up, improv, and a ton of fun.

Matt’s daughter Jane was born in November with several health complications, and many more to come.

Our long term goal is for ComedyCity Cares to become its own 501c3 non-profit organization raising money for causes here in De Pere and the surrounding area.

Check out the event website at for all the details.

– Pat McCurdy
– Stand-up Comedy
– Online Auction of awesome items
– Themed Improv Shows
– Raising Money for a Great Cause

ComedyCity Cares 2016
Wednesday-Saturday, May 6 – 9


Gift Cards are Here!

GreenRoomWe now have fancy dancy Green Room Lounge gift cards available for purchase in any denomination. The really excellent part is you can use them for ANYTHING that you would normally use a credit card or cash for at the Green Room Lounge! That means admission to any of our shows and events, as well as tasty beverages from the bar.

The cards are available at the Lounge during regularly scheduled events, so they are available at Laugh Box stand-up, as well as at ComedyCity shows on Friday and Saturday (the bar is usually open at least a half hour before showtime).

Buy them for everyone you know! They’re made of genuine plastic, and boy are they shiny!

Kid Snippets: “Josh Groban Pizza”

From time to time we come across things that we find funny… probably funnier than we should.  This is one of those times.  There’s a whole pile of these for you to watch, though this is one of the funniest.  Oh, and it’s not our fault if you end up wasting an entire afternoon watching these.

Chili Pepper Symphony

From time to time you come across things that you find funny… probably funnier than you should.  This is one of those times.  Just keep in mind, they CHOSE to do this to themselves on PURPOSE.  Enjoy the Danish National Chamber Orchestra playing a classic classical piece, and stopping to pop a habanero pepper in the middle.



The Coolest Trick You’ll See Today

Want to see a cool trick?   How about something real cool that you’d never expect to see as a trick?  Check out this video of a warehouse worker taking a coin and dropping it into a bottle as efficiently as if he was using his hands.

YouTube is a great showcase for strange and unique talents.  Take this video as your motivation to find that talent and share it with the world.  Maybe you can stack cups like a beast.  Maybe you are good at playing a keyboard with your feet.  What is stopping you from showing the world?   Go for it.