Ticket Information

This is the place to make sure you have a seat for upcoming paid events at The Green Room. Our full list of events (including the FREE stuff) can be found on our Calendar page.

Click above to buy tickets, and read up on some simple info below.

DO I GET A PRINTED OR EMAILED TICKET?: No. There is nothing to print or show at the box office – just give the box officer the name the tickets are under when you arrive (a will call). If you booked with free or discounted passes, the box officer will collect those when you check in. If you do not have these passes for some or all of your order, you will be charged the regular admission price and seating may be delayed.

VIRTUAL EVENTS: A Zoom link will be emailed to you 30 minutes prior to showtime. If you do not locate it, please check your “spam” folder. If you have technical difficulties, please email us.  We’re not tech experts, but will try to lend a hand.

ARE SEATS RESERVED?: Generally they are not. and much like church, sit whereever you’d like.  If you’re with a group, we suggest arriving together.  For shows at or near capacity, our box officers may assign seating.  If you have a seating preference, please note it on your reservation and we’ll do our best to accomodate it.  However, none of our seats are farther than 20 feet from the stage, so you’ll have great seats regardless.

WHAT IF I’M WITH A GROUP? Please try to arrive together. If that’s not possible, let the box officer know.


Two options:

A) One person makes the reservation for the whole group and pays for it online. If you are making one reservation for the entire group, make sure to tell your group the name that the reservation is under so they can tell the Box Office.  Remember, we don’t offer any refunds for any unused pre-purchased tickets.  This is the easiest option.  Seriously.  It’s the one we prefer.

B) For COVID reasons, please don’t use this unless you really, really need to.  Each individual or family can make their own reservation online.  Come up with a group name.  Every person needs to add this to their reservation.  Try to arrive together too…it helps.  That said, seriously consider Option A. It’s easier.  Trust us.

WHAT IF I NEED TO CHANGE OR CANCEL MY RESERVATION?: We permit changes or cancellations to your tickets up to 12 Noon the day of performance.  Please e-mail us at the contact information below. Cancellations after 12 Noon the day of the performance time and unused tickets (no-shows) are non-refundable.

CAN THOSE UNDER 21 ATTEND? Yes, with some simple guidelines. Our bartenders will not serve anyone under the age of 21, even if with a parent or legal guardian. We know you kids drive your parents to drink, but you can’t. Sorry.  While we welcome all ages to our performance venue, those under the age of 21 are not permitted to hang around in the bar vicinity after the late show.  If you’re under 18, please bring a parent or reasonably responsible adult with you.  We know you’ll behave, but a gaggle of unsupervised 8 year olds can only lead to chaos.

QUESTIONS OR PROBLEMS? Consult our Frequently Asked Questions page first.  If you don’t find your answer there,  Email us or give us a call at 920.345.2600

• You will receive a follow up email from us with these details and also asking to join our email list (specials, events, etc.). Follow the directions if you want to receive emails – simply delete if you don’t.